Welcome to the Well-Visit Planner!

The Well-Visit Planner is an online tool that parents complete to:

  • Learn about and set priorities for your child’s upcoming well-visit and
  • Get a personalized visit guide to share with your child’s doctor.

The Well-Visit Planner will help you and your provider to be sure you and your child’s needs and priorities are met during your child’s upcoming well visit. Please take ten minutes to complete the Well-Visit Planner and confidentially share with your provider the visit guide you will receive when you are done. You will need to first download and save your visit guide to send to your child’s health care provider or bring to the visit to discuss with your child’s provider. 

What the Well-Visit Planner helps you do:

  • SHARE what is going well and any changes or stressors your child or family experience
  • IDENTIFY key issues and needs important to discuss with your child’s provider
  • LEARN about topics recommended for you to discuss with your child’s provider
  • PICK your top priorities and get educational information before the visit
  • PARTNER with your child's provider by sharing your personalized Visit Guide
Step 1 - Reflect and Assess, Step 2 - Pick Your Priorities, Step 3 - Get Your Visit Guide
Get Started Without a Family Account The Well-Visit Planner tool takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.