Well-Visit Planner, Your Child, Your Well-Visit Well-Visit Planner, Your Child, Your Well-Visit
WVP Visit Guide

These pages are designed to help you learn more about the Well-Visit Planner (WVP) and how to implement the tool in your practice.

Step One: Read through the Getting Started page and then fill out the User Sign-Up Form

Step Two: Peruse WVP resources to learn more.

After completing the steps above you’ll understand the different options available for the Well-Visit Planner. You will receive a response from CAHMI within 3 business days that includes an Implementation Toolkit for the Public Use Website (if you selected to move forward with this option) as well as any further information requested.

Step Three: Receive your Implementation Toolkit (free for the Public Use website) with guidelines for implementing the WVP in your practice.

Step Four: Partner with the CAHMI. We provide Technical Assistance (TA) for all the WVP tools and work closely with our site-specific partners.

If you have further questions our FAQ is very comprehensive. You can also contact us at cahmi@ohsu.edu.

The most common question: Are there multiple versions on the WVP?

Yes, if you follow the steps above you'll learn there are several versions of the Well-Visit Planner.

First, there is the free, publicly available online tool, found at www.wellvisitplanner.org. This tool comes with materials, including handouts and trainings, to help providers implement the tool in their practice(s). This site also comes with an abbreviated paper-pencil version of the tool call the Shared Encounter Form (SEF). The content and features of this tool are not customizable.

Second, there are site-specific versions of the Well-Visit Planner. Providers that partner with the CAHMI receive a custom WVP website that is essentially an expansion kit for the Public Use WVP. These custom sites have a number of modules/options/features to choose from that vary in cost, and technical complexity. Here is a list of what’s currently available for site-specific development:

Figure: WVP Implementation Options

WVP Implementation Options

The CAHMI is currently partnering with organizations interested in developing site-specific options of the Well-Visit Planner. We suggest that you first read the Getting Started page and fill out the User Sign-Up Form found there in to let us know which feature(s) are of interest for your practice. Scroll to the top and follow the first three steps.

At this time our capacity for work developing site-specific options is limited so please bear with us as we continue to scale-up and bring this important quality improvement tool into practice. We encourage interested providers to start with the Public Use WVP (www.wellvisitplanner.org). This tool stands on its own as a powerful quality improvement initiative and will expedite the development of site specific options.