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A pre-visit planning tool to help you make
the most of your child’s well visit

Take 10 minutes to complete the Well Visit Planner® and get a personalized Well Visit Guide. Use your Well Visit Guide to partner with your child’s provider to meet your child and family’s priorities and needs.

The Well Visit Planner is currently available for children 4 months to 6 years of age.

Use the Well Visit Planner if you want to:

  • Learn about and be prepared for well visits
  • Save time filling out forms in the waiting room
  • Get immediate feedback on your child’s development
  • Identify issues and priorities to discuss during visits
  • Be confident your child’s care meets expert guidelines
  • Help your child, you, and your family thrive!

What is a Well Visit: Well visits are regular check-ups with your child’s personal doctor, nurse, or other child health professional. At least 14 visits are recommended in the first six years of life when children are growing rapidly. Be sure to stay on track with well visits to help your child and family thrive.

Three Easy Steps
WVP 1-2-3 Steps
WVP 1-2-3 Steps
WVP 1-2-3 Steps

Using the Well Visit Planner: To learn more about the Well Visit Planner and Well Visit Guide, use the resources below.

  • Watch a short tutorial video on using the Well Visit Planner.
  • Learn about what is asked in the Well Visit Planner.
  • Read a one-pager about the Well Visit Planner.
  • Learn how to create and use a family account.
  • Make the most of your well visit and using the Well Visit Guide.
  • Share information about the Cycle of Engagement with your child’s care providers and more!

92% of families said they would recommend the Well Visit Planner®

  • Memory Saver: Save your Well Visit Guide to track your child’s development over time and keep memories!
  • Your Data: The Well Visit Planner is operated on a fully secure platform and your data is not shared with anyone except you and, if you agree, your child’s provider or care team.
Family account benefits
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Plan ahead
Plan future well visits using the WVP for all your children age 4 months to 6 years

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Keep track
Keep track of and save your Well Visit Guides

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and save

Complete unfinished WVP (within 48 hours)

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