Frequently Asked Questions for Families

How can I learn more about the Well-Visit Planner? How can my provider learn more?

There are many ways for you and your provider to learn more about the WVP:

  • In addition to the questions on this page, click here to see more detailed FAQs for families.
  • To see a quick walk-through of the WVP, please click here.
  • Last, click here for a short hand-out to share with your provider. Your provider can also learn more by going to

What is the Well-Visit Planner (WVP)?

The WVP is a free tool to help parents and family members plan their child's upcoming well-visits up to their sixth birthday. You complete the tool online at Then, the WVP creates a Visit Guide to take to your visit. The guide shows what you’ve identified as your family's needs, concerns, and questions.

I prefer to talk to my provider directly, why should I use the Well-Visit Planner?

The WVP makes it easier to have conversations with your provider by providing questions and information tailored to your priorities. The WVP supplements and enhances your ability to talk with your provider by highlighting health topics you wish to discuss.

How does the WVP help me as a parent?

The WVP empowers parents by creating an easy-to-reference Visit Guide tailored to their specific health priorities. Parents can use the Visit Guide to ask informed questions when talking with their provider and become a partner in their child’s health care.

Are the questions asked in the WVP credible?

Yes! The questions in the WVP have been developed in accordance with Bright Futures guidelines for health supervision of infants, children and adolescents and approved by an advisory committee of experts in the field of child health research and pediatric care.

How long will the online tool take to complete?

The questionnaire typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete. But you can take as long as you'd like!

Is the information I enter secure?

Yes! This online tool has gone through a rigorous application process with an oversight council to ensure that information collected and stored is 100% secure and safe. You can learn more about the privacy policies by clicking on the “About the WVP” link in the footer below.

When should I fill out this tool?

You should complete the WVP before each of your child's well-visits. The Well-Visit Planner questions change based on the age of your child, and each visit will be different. If you have two or more children, the WVP should be completed for each child.

Do I need to complete this tool again? I completed it before my child's last well-visit.

If you have a child between the ages of 3 months and 6 years you will be asked to complete this online tool prior to each well-visit. The information asked in this tool is specific to each well-child visit.

What if I have two kids that came in for a well-child visit?

The form is for well-visits for children six years old or younger. If you have two children who had a well-child visit today and they are both six years or younger, then please complete the online tool twice, once for each child.

How can I give feedback to the people who developed this tool?

The developers would love to hear and learn from parents. You can give feedback directly to the researchers at the Child & Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative who developed this tool by emailing

Who do I contact if I need technical assistance?

If you are experiencing any technical issues or have other questions about the Well Visit Planner, please email and include "Well Visit Planner" in the subject line.

I lost my visit guide, how do I get it back?

Unfortunately, you cannot retrieve the Visit Guide if you didn't save the PDF to your computer. You will need to complete the tool again.

Can I use the site with a mobile device?

The mobile version of the WVP website is still in development. However, you can complete the WVP from a mobile device using the full website in your web browser.