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What is a Well Visit?: Well visits are regular check-ups with your child’s personal doctor, nurse, or other child health professional. At least 15 visits are recommended in the first six years of life when children are growing rapidly. Be sure to stay on track with well visits to help your child and family thrive.

What families like about using the Well Visit Planner (WVP):

  • Saves time filling out forms during visits
  • Gives you a personalized Well Visit Guide with results specific to your child and family
  • Provides easy to read resources on your needs and priorities
  • Helps you and your child’s providers focus care on your goals and needs
  • Builds confidence that your child’s care meets expert guidelines
  • You choose what sections to complete and share.

Three Easy Steps for Using the Well Visit Planner
Family Account Benefits
Family Account Benefits
Family Account Benefits

The Well Visit Planner was created to be used in partnership with your provider.
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Important Note: Without a provider ID code you need to share your Well Visit Guide with your child’s provider(s) yourself.

Your personalized Well Visit Guide summarizes your priorities and needs based on the information you shared in the Well Visit Planner.  The guide provides resources about your priorities and gives you example questions to help you discuss your priorities with your child’s provider. Consider these four ways to share your Well Visit Guide with your child’s provider(s).

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Your Data: The Well Visit Planner is operated on a fully secure platform and your data is not shared with anyone except you and, if you agree, your child’s provider or care team.

What our families are saying!

“It’s helpful to know ahead of time what areas my provider will be checking. It also helps you to get an understanding of the milestones that you want to look out for in your child’s development. The idea that my provider can see what my concerns are before my visit is nice. Best case scenario, they would use the information to bring resources to the start of the visit rather than having to gather them during or after the visit.” (Parent)

“I would recommend the WVP, since it a tool that helps organize and prioritize the medical needs of our children. We can share concerns and our provider can get to know them beforehand. The WVP is a good medical attention guide.” [Parent, translated from Spanish]

“As a mother, I would recommend the use of the Well Visit Planner since it is a tool that can help us be organized with everything we'd like to discuss with the doctors. Also, it gives an overview of the visit.” [Parent, translated from Spanish]

“I really like the WVP, and I believe that it is a really resourceful tool to provide more communication between the provider and families. It is also a great tool to have important information to reference that is specific to the child’s growth and development.” (Parent)