Educational Materials for 4 Month Well Visit

The topics listed below are based on American Academy of Pediatrics national recommendations about the kinds of things that are important to discuss or get more information about for children your child's age.

Click on the info to get education and tips from pediatric health care experts about each topic.

How you and your family are doing:

Changes or stressors for you and your family More Info
Making sure you have somewhere or someone to turn to for emotional support More Info
Taking time for yourself, for your partner and your other children More Info
Balancing responsibilities with your partner More Info
Issues related to childcare, such as a nanny, daycare or babysitters More Info

How your child is growing and developing:

Behaviors to expect in the next few months More Info
Establishing consistent daily routines and their impact on behavior and sleep More Info
Night waking and fussing More Info
“Back-to-sleep” and crib safety - avoiding soft toys and bedding More Info
Playtime for your baby, including “tummy time” and reading More Info
Television – why the experts say no TV More Info
How your baby communicates his needs More Info
Your baby’s moods and emotions More Info
Tips for calming and relaxing your baby More Info

How your child is eating and growing:

Your child's growth and weight gain More Info
Introduction of solid foods More Info
Vitamins your baby may or should take More Info
Guidance on breastfeeding More Info
Guidance on formula feeding More Info

Your child’s dental health - even before teeth:

How to avoid spreading bacteria that causes cavities from parent or caregiver to child More Info
Teething and drooling – what’s important to know and what to expect More Info
Why to avoid bottles in bed More Info

Your child’s safety:

Childproofing for your baby on the move (rolling over/crawling) More Info
Installing and using your child's rear-facing car safety seat correctly More Info
Safety issues with wheeled baby walkers More Info
Bathtub, water, and pool safety More Info
Preventing burns and how to change hot water heater temperature More Info
Preventing choking, common hazards More Info
How to check for lead in your home More Info