Educational Materials for 5 Year Well Visit

The topics listed below are based on American Academy of Pediatrics national recommendations about the kinds of things that are important to discuss or get more information about for children your child's age.

Click on the info to get education and tips from pediatric health care experts about each topic.

Making sure your child is ready to enter school

Succeeding in social situations More Info
Helping your child feel comfortable in new places More Info
Deciding if your child needs more help More Info
Setting up routines More Info
Learning more about the school system More Info
Understanding your child's school report cards and special reports More Info

How you and your family are doing:

Eating healthy foods and staying active

Healthy weight for your child More Info
Eating a well-balanced diet More Info
Teaching your child to make healthy food choices More Info

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy

Regular visits to the dentist More Info
Brushing and flossing your child’s teeth More Info

Mental health

Helping your child express feelings and control behaviors More Info
Supporting your child's communication skills More Info
Setting safe boundaries for your child More Info
Supporting your child's social time outside the home More Info
Helping your child make good decisions and gain independence More Info
Helping your child to follow rules and get along with others More Info

Your child’s safety

Keeping kids safe around guns More Info
Teaching your child about fire safety More Info
Make a fire escape plan More Info
Talking to your child about their body and preventing sexual abuse More Info
How to safely enjoy time in the sun and prevent sun damage More Info
Keeping kids safe while biking, swimming, and other activities More Info
Help your child remember and understand rules to stay safe More Info
Street and road safety More Info

Your child and family:

Helping your child discover their strengths and try new things More Info
Ways to talk through challenges as a family More Info