Educational Materials for 9 Month Well Visit

The topics listed below are based on American Academy of Pediatrics national recommendations about the kinds of things that are important to discuss or get more information about for children your child's age.

Click on the info to get education and tips from pediatric health care experts about each topic.

How you and your family are doing:

Ways to guide and discipline your child More Info
Why having consistent guidance and discipline strategies between parents, family members and care providers are important More Info
Why parents should save using the word “NO!” for the most important times More Info
How you balance taking care of yourself while being a parent More Info
Domestic violence; do you feel safe at home? More Info

How your child is growing and developing:

Behaviors to expect in the next few months More Info
Changes to your child’s bed and naptime habits More Info
How your child may start to become more independent and explore away from you More Info
Ways your child communicates More Info
Separation anxiety More Info
Your child’s moods and emotions More Info
Why the experts say no TV, and no digital media except for when communicating with family (including tablets, smartphones, computers) More Info
Games and toys that help your child learn More Info

How your child is eating:

Feeding time strategies and self feeding More Info
Using a cup More Info
How much and what kinds of food your child eats More Info
Importance of mealtime routines More Info
Plans for continuing to breastfeed and questions about weaning More Info

Your child's safety:

Indoor and outdoor childproofing More Info
Installing and using your child's rear-facing car safety seat correctly More Info
Preventing your child from getting burned and how to use barriers to stoves/space heaters More Info
Preventing falls from stairs, windows and other dangerous places More Info
Preventing your child from overheating in the car More Info
Bathtub, water, and pool safety More Info
What to do if your baby swallows poison and when to call the poison control center More Info
Gun safety in your home and places where your child visits More Info