Educational Materials for 3 Year Well Visit

The topics listed below are based on American Academy of Pediatrics national recommendations about the kinds of things that are important to discuss or get more information about for children your child's age.

Click on the info to get education and tips from pediatric health care experts about each topic.

Your child and your family:

Balancing work and family More Info
Ways to make sure your child feels safe to speak up about their feelings More Info
Importance of family time and eating healthy meals together More Info
Ways to guide and discipline your child More Info
Your child’s moods and emotions More Info
Sibling rivalry More Info
Any alternative or natural care therapies or products you may use with your child More Info

Encouraging language development:

Importance of singing songs to your child More Info
Importance of using simple words, asking simple questions, and repeating what you heard from your child More Info
Ways to read to your child, such as asking him to talk about what he sees and how he feels about the story More Info

Playing with peers:

Behaviors to expect in the next few months More Info
Playtime with other children for your child More Info
How your child gets along with others More Info
Issues related to preschool More Info
Fun games to play with your child More Info

Promoting physical activity:

Importance of physical activity for your child More Info
Prioritizing drinking water and milk - why no juice or soda More Info
Importance of outside family activities that involve playing, walking, running or playing chase More Info
Limiting TV and digital media to 1 hour and how too much impacts your child's development More Info

Your child's safety:

Preventing injuries indoors and outdoors More Info
Installing a car seat correctly/when to use a booster seat More Info
Supervising your child near all streets/driveways – never crossing the street alone More Info
Ways to prevent my child from choking on food More Info
The importance of your child wearing a helmet More Info
Preventing falls from stairs, windows and other dangerous places More Info
Gun safety in your home and places where your child visits More Info